Christoph Waltz has talk

Christoph Waltz, who played Blofeld in Spectre, is promoting his latest film. A few days ago the actor attended the Festa Del Cinema di Roma and, of course, he was asked about his involvement on the coming James Bond film. The German actor  was clear and direct in his answer to Talk Movie. He will not be Blofeld again.

«No, I am not [coming back]. Absolutly not. I’m really sad but, you know, that is like a tradition. I am so sorry, I would like, but… »

This words stop the rumors that the return of Daniel Craig as 007 means also the return of Blofeld and Dr Swan with the same actors. Will Léa Seydoux come back now that we know that Waltz is out?

Also we shoul say that Waltz affirmed until the same day of the premiere of Spectre that he wasn’t playing  Blofeld so, perhaps, we should not believe his words

See the video here.

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