James Bond banned from bonding with Moneypenny

James Bond bosses have vetoed a plot-line for Moneypenny and 007 to sleep together for the first time in 55 years of the movie franchise.

Script writers were asked to supply ideas for the new Bond film, out in 2019: suggestions included Bond getting married and the spy facing an Islamic State-style terror group.

However executive producer Barbara Broccoli feels that despite their chemistry on set Bond, played by Daniel Craig, will not bed Moneypenny, played by Naomie Harris. LA movie source said: «The production company have reached out to several writers to suggest plot ideas and twists for Bond in Daniel’s final outing. They wanted ideas that had not been seen in their franchise before to try to shake things up. One idea was for Bond finally to move beyond flirting and one liners and actually share a romance with Moneypenny. But that idea was nixed as it would go against the whole relationship built up during their screen careers.»

Recently Naomie Harris boasted that she and Daniel Craig have the greatest ever chemistry on and off the screen. She said: «Chemistry is something you either have or don’t have, so its a real gamble when people cast you, because you just never know whether the chemistry’s going to work. Sometimes you have couples who are dating in real life and they have no chemistry on screen whatsoever so you just never know. I am just lucky that it works with Daniel and I’m looking forward to coming back.»

She also felt the characters would he best steering clear of romance. She added: «I love playing powerful, strong women, that’s all I play.»

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