Denis Villeneuve in talks for Bond 25

Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has confirmed that he is considering taking on Bond 25.

In an interview with T’cha Dulnevy, of the Montreal Gazette, Villeneuve revealed that he is not only meeting with producer Barbara Broccoli on the matter, but also Daniel Craig, perhaps confirming earlier rumors that Craig wanted Villeneuve behind the camera. Said Vileneuve:

«It’s true — I’ve been in discussions with Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig. It’s a magnificent project; I would love to do a James Bond, but I don’t know how it would fit with my current projects. We’ll have to see»

What begs the question, here, is whether or not the term “magnificent project” is nonspecific, pertaining to any Bond film, or if it is specific to Bond 25, meaning that he has seen a storyline and possibly a script. Regardless, this news is significant, in the wake of other reports that Villeneuve has decided to take on a Cleopatra biopic, as well as a Dune sequel. But neither of those projects is quite off the ground yet. Bond 25 seems to be churning as we speak.

As of yet, neither EON Productions nor MGM has made comments regarding Villeneuve’s potential involvement with Bond 25.

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