Denis Villenueve, the new director?

Does Denis Villeneuve have the inside track to direct Bond 25? If the latest rumor is true, then indeed he does. But let’s emphasize: the following Tweet by gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye, which has caused a “stir” with Bond fans everywhere, lacks sufficient details and support to be trusted at this point.


But the idea of Craig wanting Villeneuve direct Bond 25 doesn’t seem so far-fetched. After all, Villeneuve has directed three straight, big-budget productions (Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049), and is considered a hot property. But in order for Villeneuve to direct Bond 25, he’d need to push back development on his remake of Dune — though the film is only in the early stages of development. Earlier this year, Villeneuve confirmed that he was eyeing Dune as his next project. However, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has not yet listed the film as being in production.

Daniel Craig will no doubt have considerable influence on the choice of director for Bond 25. After all, it was Craig who convinced Sam Mendes to director Skyfall and then to turn around and direct Spectre, as well. Furthermore, Craig co-produced Spectre, and it would make sense that he would take on a similar role for Bond 25.

Villeneuve is one of three directors to be reportedly under consideration by EON Productions. Yann Demange (White Boy Rick) and David McKenzie (Hell or High Water) are the other two. And while both are up-and-coming directors, neither has the big production experience that Villeneuve has. And it doesn’t hurt that Villeneuve also has significant experience working with A-list talent.

So far, no official announcement has been made by EON Productions or MGM.


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