The Word of James Bond can now confirm in exclusive and thanks to an anonymous source very linked to the Bond that the production of Bond 25 will begin in May as you can see in the image below, a fragment of an email.

Just remember this: MAY

[UPDATE] As we have been asked, the source comes from someone who has worked on numerous Bond films and who has recently retired, he/she worked in Skyfall, but he/she is still in touch with people involved in the James Bond films and one of that friends  confirmed him/her that the production of Bond 25 will began in May.

That is another issue, as confirmed by the same source, it is the production that begins in May as now  the EON is in pre-production of Bond 25 hiring the actors and director, looking for locations, writing the script… That Bond 25’s shooting may be strange and soon,  I think it makes sense: do you remember that after the premiere of Spectre part of the crew complained about the  time they had in post-production and some of the bad reviews of the movie was because of that? Maybe Barbara has raised that and she decided to give to the team more time for the pre-production.

By the way, I defend that theory knowing some more things that the anonymous source has been able to tell me but also considering that it seems that Daniel Craig does not like  record two films at a time, without a break.

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  1. Baby Napoleon says:

    Thanks for the clarification! Have you heard anything about them filming two movies as one long production?


    1. We can’t confirm it right now but I would say that’s almos impossible knowing that Daneil isn’t happy with the idea. Stay on!


  2. Baby Napoleon says:

    Is it filming or pre-production that will begin in May?


    1. Will begin the production of the film as the pre-production is probably right now. After the shooting of Spectre a few sources said the Sam Mendes and part of the crew wasn’t happy as they haven’t enough time to do a good post-production job. Probably, even with Mendes out, EON has decided an earlier shooting with more time between the end of the shooting and the release of the film.

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