Analysis of the song “Skyfall”

Skyfall is the theme song of the 2012 James Bond film of the same name, performed by tumblr_m0a5pzzxo11rqvc0ko1_r1_500British singer Adele. It was written by Adele and producer Paul Epworth and features orchestration by J. A. C. Redford. Film company Eon Productions invited the singer to work on the theme song in early 2011, a task that Adele accepted after reading the film’s script. While composing the song, Adele and Epworth aimed to capture the mood and style of the other Bond themes.

Skyfall was released at 0:07 on 5 October 2012 as part of the Global James Bond Day. The song quickly went to the top of the iTunes chart. Reviews were positive, with the song being compared to Shirley Bassey’s Bond themes, and Skyfall became the first Bond theme to win at the Golden Globes. During the 85th Academy Awards, Adele performed the song live for the first time and she won an Oscar for the song.

In early 2011 Sony Pictures President of Music suggested to the James Bond film producers  that they ask Adele to record a theme song for their next Bond film, later revealed to be titled Skyfall. He thought that Adele would be a good choice to ask to record a Bond theme song, because her music had a «soulful, haunting, evocative quality», which he considered would bring back the «classic Shirley Bassey feel» .

Adele, who had just released her second album 21, admitted that initially she was a «little hesitant» about agreeing to write a Bond theme song. On meeting with the Skyfall film crew, the singer had told Skyfall director Sam Mendes that she felt as though she was not the person that they were looking for because «my songs are personal, I write from the heart». Mendes simply replied «just write a personal song», telling her to use Carly Simon’s Nobody Does It Better from The Spy Who Loved Me as an inspiration. Adele left the meeting with the script of Skyfall and, upon reading it, decided that it was a «no-brainer» as she «fell in love» with the film’s plot. Producer Paul Epworth, who had worked with Adele on 21, was brought in to help her write the song.

Production of Skyfall, from the first contact with Adele to the song’s release, took 18 months to complete. The Sony Pictures President of Music stated that the reason for this b261257e23fc4529_adele_win_2.xxxlarge.gifwas “fine-tuning” the song, as Adele and Epworth wanted to ensure that they “were getting it right”. The first cut of the song was completed in October 2011, as Adele had free time after cancelling the final concerts of her Adele Live tour due to vocal problems. During an interview at their post-Academy Award for Best Original Song win in February 2013, Adele revealed that the first draft of the song was written in 10 minutes. After Adele underwent throat microsurgery for vocal problems, she recorded a demo of the track and sent it to Mendes, who was doing the principal photography of Skyfall. The director in turn played the demo for film producer Barbara Broccoli and Bond actor Daniel Craig, both of whom “shed a tear”.

And here today, we have the analysis of the song! Just enjoy it!!

The song begins with this is the end, Skyfall is the end of everything: this film closes a stage (the stage of Judi Dench) and opens another one (SPECTRE and a new MI6)giphy-4.gif

James has to hold his breath and count to ten when he drops due to the shoot of Moneypenny, in fact, all the MI6 have to count to ten and keep breathing, 007, the best Agent, is dead.

The earth moves can be understood as the MI6 is being beaten by the government and their idea of delate the 00 Service.

It is the heart of the Agent which is broken and who drowned and dreamt this moment that happened before (in the Venice of Casino Royale).

When Adele sings Let the skyfall, when it crumbles. We will stand tall. Face it all together does not refer to heaven (or so I think) but what is to tear down it is the family home of James Bond and that means everything: is where the boss dies but they still continue to work together until his death and after this event he is 007 too.

Skyfall is where we start because is where Bond was born and raised, far from where he is now (Turkey? Japan? London?…) And where worlds collide and days are dark because James’s childhood was not very happy because of the death of his parents.

James was always described by Ian as someone who is cold, for that reason we know his number (agent or phone number?) and his name but no one will have his heart (his love).

You can’t miss the live performance of Skyfall in Glastonbury 2016.


Bond is Bond and Skyfall is where we start!

Entertainment Weekly wrote that there is “finally” a great James Bond theme. The Huffington Post described the song as a “brassy and soulful tune that fits perfectly alongside the work of Shirley Bassey in the oeuvre of James Bond title tracks”. RedEye gave the song four out of four stars and declared that it “is a return to form, and if it doesn’t get you hyped for the movie, you’re not a Bond fan”. Consequence of Sound commented that “rousing instrumentation elevates the vocals to soaring heights”.

Jim Farber of the New York-based Daily News wrote in his review: “It suffers from a similarly meandering melody and ponderous progression. »

In the next weeks the analysis of Writing’s on the Wall (Sam Smith, Spectre) will be posted!


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