Interview with Q THE MUSIC

WARREN 2Warren Ringham is the founder and manager of Q The Music – the World’s leading James Bond Tribute Band. He is huge James Bond fan, and professional musician and was Warren who founded Q The Music in 2004, the first band anywhere in the World to provide a tribute to the music of James Bond. The concept is to take the music of 007 and reproduce it with an orchestra.

Q The Music has had a really terrific time since 2004. They have played around the world in cities such as Monte Carlo, Italy, Guernsey, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Majorca.

And now, an interview with the founder of this amazing band can be read in this blog.

How you founded the Q The Music in 2004?

Well, we have been running as pop and soul covers/party band for 17 years, but in 2004, I decided to set up a James Bond Tribute Band as a spin off to that.  As a professional musician myself and a massive James Bond fan in my spare time, I wanted to fuse the two things -and I was amazed to find that there was no Bond tribute bands to be found-.  I set about arranging the music, launched a website, and fairly early on posted videos on YouTube, and from that point on it has just really grown for us.
Primarily the idea was to cover mainly James Bond Themed events -corporate and private work- but more lately we have been in demand to take our band into theatres and perform it as a show.  I think all the band enjoy these nights!  We get to play all the songs, in the original form and to a largely Bond mad audience, so it’s great fun.  I’ve always said; for me it’s about being a James Bond Fan, so I try to make sure it’s for James Bond fans  «what would I want to see and hear if I was coming in the audience myself?»
We have a variety of options available to clients.  Our standard lineup is 13, but we also go out as 6 and 10.  We do this because some people cannot afford the budget or space in the room for a large 13 piece band.  The big band does sound the best though  and you get a real “WOW-factor” with the full band.  From this year, we are now also offering an option to go out with a small string section.
So far our travels have taken us to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, Guernsey, Czech Republic and later this year The Bahamas!  We are due to appear on New Year’s Eve at The Ocean Club (from Casino Royale).  We have also played at Casino de Monte Carlo – from Goldeneye, too.
This year, as well as private parties and corporate event, we are currently planning for two major events.  Firstly we are appearing at “Bondstars” at Pinewood Studios, which is a very exclusive fans annual event.  This year’s event is celebrating the work of Peter Lamont (set decorator, art director, and production designer most famous for working on eighteen James Bond films, from Goldfinger to Casino Royale).
Then the other big show we are planning for is our theatre show at The Harlington Theatre in Fleet, Hampshire on 27th November.  As well as the live aspect, we are excited to announce we are going to be streaming this show live across the world.  As well as the show being shown in full, we also have one of the fabulous James Bond Radio presenters Chris Wright, who will be taking you on a backstage tour before, during and after the show, grabbing interviews with cast and crew.
Also, this month we will have a show in EastBourne.
To purchase a feed for the show, you can do so on crowd-funding site Indiegogo

Do you mostly play James Bond’s themes? Which one is your favourite?

Yes, we do all the main title songs.  We do also cover some of the cooler other numbers, for example Bond 77, Moby Remix or 007.  We also have occasionally performed Surrender, Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Flight Into Space, Capsule In Space, Where Has Everybody Gone, If There Was A Man, Runaway, Submarine and others too.

We are performing Backseat Driver from Tomorrow Never Dies for the first time in our show in November, which we are really excited about.

QTM Logo

We do get asked to perform lots of these other tracks, but sadly we can’t always do them as the show would be about 4 hours long!

What is my favourite?  This is such a subjective question isn’t it?  Everyone has their own favourite, and I love that.  The spectrum of opinion on this at our shows is what makes it so much fun!

My personal favourite song is Diamonds Are Forever, but to actually perform, I would say it is from Another Way To Die, You Know My Name, Licence To Kill and Writings On The Wall.  Whilst some of those may not be people’s favourite songs to listen to going into the shows, the audiences always enjoy our live versions the most on the shows, so they are my favourites to perform.

You played several times for the Queen, did she asked for any Bond song?

Well, I’ve played for the Queen in other projects as a professional musician, not with Q The Music, so it wasn’t like she would have asked for a Bond song.  However, this year, I had one of my James Bond medleys performed by a Brass Group in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) and apparently they said they really liked the Bond!

Have you ever played for any Bond character as Judi Dench, producers, directors…?

We’ve played for Terry Bamber who was a production manager for several films and worked on Bond films like Tomorrow Never Dies through to Skyfall.  As I mentioned this year we are at Bondstars where we are performing for many of the cast and crew – check out the list of people coming here.

 I’m sure you love 007, what is your favourite film and actor?

Indeed I do love 007!  My favourite film changes often, but overall I would say Casino Royale.  Love that film!  I’m a huge fan of Goldfinger, Thunderball and the Dalton films too.
Actor wise Sean Connery does it for me, particularly the first four films.  I’m a huge Daniel Craig fan so he is a close second. I also really love Pierce Brosnan!  He is not my favourite, but I think he is way better than he sometimes gets credit for, perhaps he is let down by the films he was in (particularly the last one!).  There isn’t really a film I find unwatchable in the series to be honest, though I do get  frustrated in the 2nd half of Die Another Day.NEC 2.jpg


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